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As editor & owner takes retirement, Radio-Electronics is incorporated into Electronics Notes to enable a focus on reference content.

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As a result of business changes, is now being incorporated into Electronics Notes. Electronics Notes ( has established itself as a very popular electronics industry publication for providing some of the top information on electronic components, technologies and techniques for electronics engineers, makers and students.

This change has been brought about by the semi-retirement of editor and owner of both sites, Ian Poole. By using Electronics Notes as the main site it enables Ian Poole to still undertake some writing and publishing without the need for the daily management of advertising, news, blogs and a host of other activities required for

Electronics Notes has been set up to provide the resources required by engineers. Building on the success of the site has been developed to be easy to read and provide the information required in a digestible form with liberal use of diagrams and images as well as some videos.

A considerable degree of research has been invested into determining the topics engineers, makers and students need and the aim has been to meet these requirements, providing the information and summaries in visually attractive format.

As many other publications expertly cover news, trends and the like, these aspects of the electronics industry are not being addressed. This will ensure that with the time available, the maximum focus can be applied to the reference information and summaries.

The site covers a wide range of topics from very basic concepts like voltage and current, through test equipment and test methods right through to topics including 5G, IoT as well as the latest component, manufacturing and other relevant technologies and techniques. As such this makes Electronics Notes the ideal place to find the information that is needed.

As part of the strategy to continue to provide a useful resource for the electronics industry, redirects will be progressively put in place to redirect the traffic from to Electronics Notes. Even now traffic on Electronics Notes is over 600 000 page views a month and when all the redirect code is in place, it is anticipated that traffic will be well above a million page views a month. This places the site in the top tier of electronics publications.

Electronics Notes provides advertising opportunities, primarily via Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). It is possible to target the site as a "placement" and gain the same benefits as directly placed banners, knowing exactly where they will appear. It also enables advertisers to directly set up and manage their own ads on the site in a particularly cost effective manner - possibly a tenth of the cost of directly placed ads on and other sites. This makes it a particularly attractive proposition for low cost, but very effective advertising on a high quality site.

With advertisers in the electronics industry increasingly finding the costs of directly placed banner advertisements too high, the much lower costs of programmatic advertisements like Google Ads provides a viable and cost effective option. In addition to this, it fits well with the business plan for Electronics Notes enabling the focus to be placed onto content creating whilst allowing the advertisements to manage themselves.

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